Team Members

Sophia Vaughn

Project Manager

Hailing from Seattle, WA, Sophia Vaughan, on a whim, packed up her cat and moved to Las Vegas to continue her career in the restaurant industry. After a chance encounter with Brenda Perkins, she jumped at the opportunity to be part of the emerging cannabis industry. With over ten years of experience working in hotel, restaurants and retail, Sophia developed a passion for customer service and personal clientele relationships. It was this passion and priority of customer service and personal clientele relationships that made her a perfect fit for NV Cann.

She initially came in as the sales lady, but as her experience with clients became more robust, she learned the biggest void in the industry was customer service. Anxious to distinguish her relationship with clients from those relationships clients have with other labs, Sophia, with the support of management, created the Project Manager position. She commingled sales with project management, started working with Amber to truly act as the liaison between clients and the lab, creating individualized services and experiences for each client. Further, she ensures that samples reports are communicated timely and in a respectful manner, whereby clients are free to discuss and explore their results as well as the respective methodologies used. Sophia fosters a professional environment in which clients’ experiences using NV Cann is as much as priority as is the lab using compliant and genuine science methodologies.

As Project Manager, Sophia truly manages client-NV Cann relationships, making clients’ goals and needs the fulcrum of lab operations. Specifically, she is often the first-person clients meet. She not only discusses with clients to determine the appropriate tests, pricing, and coordinates sample pick-ups, but she also facilitates access the lab resources, including our scientists. Sophia readily facilitates communication between clients and NV Cann scientists, management and even NV Cann owners. She readily connects clients with NV Cann scientists when clients need to develop and or improve their cultivation and production methodologies, resolve on-site issues, including micro issues, etc.

While the cannabis industry is a new frontier, Sophia could not be more excited to have seized this opportunity to learn and grow with NV Cann. She is a great asset to NV Cann and has set a new standard for customer service in the industry that is readily acknowledged and appreciated by clients.