Team Members

Gabriel Vargas


Gabriel R Vargas received his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Chemistry from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico in 2014. There, Gabriel conducted undergraduate research with Dr. Filipa Godoy-Vitorino. He focused on microbial community structure and function in vertebrate animals, humans and forest ecosystems. His studies and research comprised of integrating DNA sequence data with microbiology, ecology, physiology, metagenomics and bioinformatics to address broad questions on host-microbe interactions.

Gabe also collaborated in a range of other projects in the lab. Specifically, he participated in experiments directed to gaining an understanding of the correlation between HPV and the cervicovaginal microbiome in Puerto Ricans through omics technologies. Another study was directed to the characterization of the rhizosphere microbiome of Tabebuia heterophylla, a tree native to the West Indies, in order to understand how the microbes may contribute to the plasticity of the tree and enable its growth in nutrient poor, heavy-metal rich and disturbed soils. Lastly, he also participated in mining for lignocellulose carbohydrate-active enzymes in mangrove ecosystems and herbivore GIT systems.

After graduating, Gabriel continued his career as a quality technician for Beckton & Dickinson in its bacteriology lab, where he earned his certification for bloodborne pathogens (BBP).

After moving to Las Vegas, Gabriel continued to expand his microbial career. He knew cannabis was legal in Nevada and was intrigued at the novelty of the industry and the opportunity to be on the forefront of testing and research of cannabis. Gabriel was excited to apply his knowledge and methodologies to help develop and shape cannabis testing. Upon being hired by NV Cann, he became the first microbiologist in the Las Vegas testing industry, instantly becoming one of the Vegas cannabis industry’s most sought after professionals.

At NV Cann Labs, he is responsible for all microbiology tests and concerns at the lab. He brings heightened and more intricate knowledge and understanding to the lab and helps address questions and concerns from the state. Further, he also works hand in hand with clients to address to mitigate environmental problems at their facilities.

Gabriel enjoys working in the cannabis industry and is looking forward to continuing his contribution to the expansion of cannabis microbiology knowledge. NV Cann has empowers him and supports the R&D initiatives he’s devised. Specifically, he is the brain power behind multiple in-house R&D endeavors and white papers, including one addressing pathogenic and non-pathogenic E.coli testing methodologies.

Gabriel plans to apply to graduate school and finish his Master’s in Biotechnology. He is also a current member of the American Society of Microbiology.