Our licenses enable us to operate a Nevada, independent testing facility, whereby we test medical and recreational goods from both cultivation and production licensees, as well as individual, private citizens. Those goods include a myriad of different marijuana products, including: 1. Usable, 2. Wet, 3. Non-Solvent Extracts, 4. Solvent based Extracts, 5. Edible Marijuana, 6. Liquid Marijuana, and 7. Topical Marijuana. Similarly, depending on how the type of sample, a variety of different tests and test packages are offered and or required.

The testing processes is heavily regulated and scrutinized by the State. In fact, the State may access and review records and data upon its request. A general overview of the process entails the following:

  1. Acquisition & Verification: Collect, identify and register all samples in accordance with Nevada state regulations
  2. Product Registration: Verify samples and enter them into the laboratory’s database using regulated tracking and data collection means
  3. Laboratory Testing: Utilize state-of-the-art instrumentation for the analyses of potency, solvent residuals, heavy metals, microbial and mycotoxin, etc., as required under NAC 453A
  4. Analytical Overview: Oversee and review laboratory tests by our Lab Director and chemists, who expertly verify all testing procedures and the accuracy of data recorded and collected
  5. Official Certification: Issue a Certificate of Analysis which indicates that a certain sampled lot has passed all required testing panels, such that the customer is able to release the lot for sale
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