The Company

NV Cann Labs, LLC is a Nevada Limited Liability Company, operating since 2017 in the City of Las Vegas. It holds licenses issued from both the State of Nevada and Clark County, to legally operate as an independent marijuana testing facility. The lab tests for both medical and recreational goods.

NV Cann is a full service, analytical cannabis testing facility for licensed cannabis producers and distributors. From residual solvent and contaminant testing to potency analysis, we expertly fulfill all your cannabis testing requirements. Our management and scientific teams are dedicated to working with leading innovators and educators to implement the highest standards of operation for the cannabis testing industry. Our professional training and extensive experience ensures you’ll get accurate cannabis testing and trusted results for safety, potency, and purity.

To its acclaim, during the initial licensing approval process, NV Cann remains the only lab in the state that passed all proficiency tests on the first attempt. Our emphasis on compliant, efficient and professional testing, manifests in our lab’s fluid relationship with the State. Unlike other entities, which view open conversation with the State as invitations for audits and scrutiny, NV Cann is proactive with its relationship. The lab frequently includes the State on scientific discussions whenever NV Cann finds gray areas between practices and policies. NV Cann believes this open dialogue not only builds trust between the lab and the State, but it epitomizes the fact that our lab won’t jeopardize its licenses, nor those of our clients.  Our good faith intentions with the State and the industry are also emphasized by NV Cann’s own Operations Manager being the chairwoman of Nevada’s Independent Laboratory Advisory Committee (“ILAC”).

Currently, NV Cann only has operations in Las Vegas. However, the owners of NV Cann have interests to take the model they’ve established in Las Vegas and extrapolate it to other jurisdictions to ensure save and compliant testing in other available markets.

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