Our Commitment

NV Cann Labs uses and creates the highest standards of science to ensure the efficacy and safety of products for consumers, without disturbing the nature and quality of cultivators’ and producers’ crafts. Our practices ensure we are the stamp of approval between the state, cultivators, producers and consumers. We know our decisions and practices transcend our laboratory, affecting our neighbors and peers, who may not only work in and around the industry or consume the products we test, but they also witness the evolving reputation of the industry. We prioritize emphasizing the positives and robust scientific applications of cannabis to circumvent and mitigate the negative stigmas and connotations geared towards cannabis and the industry.

We take pride in being genuine and transparent, prioritizing heightened scientific practices and standards and maintaining good and lawful policies to continue the positive expansion of the industry. We ensure that every facet of our business reflects our high regard for our clients’ crafts but also the health of the child whose parents trusted this treatment option. Further, we bring security to the industry by ensuring we won’t use gray area scientific practices or sketchy methodologies which may jeopardize clients’ businesses, consumers or our own business. We are the lab that turns one professional’s botanical art into medical and recreational science.

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