“A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.” -Simon Sinek

Our Leadership

taraTara Lynn — Owner & C.E.O

With almost 40 years of experience in the development industry, Tara Lynn has been an integral part of many start up operations in Nevada but this venture she feels has been her true calling. Many years ago her father was stricken with cancer and now her husband suffers with the disease as well. So it’s with real heartfelt determination NV Cann Labs provides the scientific data necessary to assure product purity and potency for all of Nevada’s medical patients while educating and supporting its customers and the community.

huiDr. Hui Wang — Scientific Director

As a graduate of Beijing Medical University, Hui began her career working at the Beijing Institute for Drug Control. Then on to the US Naval Medical Research Institute in Washington DC where she became a chemist working to develop and test new immunization products in the Infectious Disease Department for over 8 years. Having moved to Las Vegas 15 years ago, she’s since worked at numerous quality control laboratories for nutritional supplement manufacturers.

Derrick Palma — Laboratory Technician

Born and raised in the Las Vegas Valley, Derrick attended Whittier College in pursuit of a biology degree. Only when he later transferred to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, did he discover his passion for chemistry. And now as he helps to establish the industry’s best practices surrounding the data collection and scientific research of the cannabis plant, he’s very much proud to be a part of it.

gabrielleGabrielle Scott — Executive Assistant

With over a decade of experience in Sales and Marketing, Gabbie keeps NV Cann Labs’ project management under her thoughtful consideration and careful scrutiny. Her attention to detail makes her the righthanded player to many on our team which means she’s usually the best one to call when you have questions about timeline processing or project guidance.

jeremyJeremy Haye — Chief of Security

Nevada state laws strictly regulate the cannabis industry to a procedural process establishing a controlled chain of command during product acquisition and lab testing. Customer and product safety are our main concern so rest assured NV Cann Labs’ security team is here to address all compliance and safety issues

Local Players

The NV Cann Team

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